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Light-O-Rama Version 3.1.0 Released


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NOTE: Version 3.1.0 contains a serious bug in SuperStar. It is recommended to install version 3.1.2 instead.

Version 3.1.0 of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite has been released.

You can get the installer for the new version from the software download page:


If that page does not seem to be for version 3.1.0, please hit "Refresh" in your browser.

As for what's new, a full list, with descriptions of each new thing, can be found in the help file's What's New page. Here is a brief list without descriptions:

  • Expand All and Collapse All for channel groups
  • New DMX adapters supported
  • Performance of ENTTEC DMX USB Pro adapters improved
  • Scrunching the SuperStar sequence grid for imported visualizations
  • Instant Sequencing with imported timings
  • Increased limit on SuperStar's number of fixtures per prop
  • SuperStar exports grouped CCR devices
  • Sample SuperStar clipboard files added
  • Bug fixes

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