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I beg the master users of thee Light O Rama!!

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I am running out of time! My board is away for troubleshooting, its taking me ages to get shows made for my 1st ever 16 channel dispay! I have 2 musical shows done . My parents are very very computer illiterate let alone LOR illiterate!! (They still haven't figured what we initally brought until we had to send it back for torubleshooting!)

All I want for christmas took me 2 weeks :-(

Little St Nick took me 1 week

Thus here I am here recruiting...begging even for some help on our little english christmas display

So if YOU are a sequence whizz and have the heart and time to help me display some of your work (All credits will be noted on the displays website and possibley even mention of Anglo-American friendships and co-operation if the tv crew turns up!)



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Try using wav files for music and slow the song down to 1/2 speed in LOR. I did this for some very fast songs and it worked out great for me. It's real easy to get the beats when it's slow and you have a headset on. Try it and see if it works for you.


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boston pops orchestra- sleigh ride.mp3

Paul Mc Cartney Wonderful Christmas Time.wav

Trans-siberian orchestra Pachebel Christmas Cannon.mp3

TSO- Appliachian Snowfall.mp3

Does anyone have a "We wish you a merry christmas sequence"

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captainkarl wrote:

I have some of them but on the correct music files :(

Unfortunately, I can not offer music downloads because doing so would be a blatant violation of the law. Some users are kind enough to post the artist and album name for you! :):)
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