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LOR Scheduler Observation

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I had the show PC up the other night, watching the Control Panel and the clock near the end of the show. Had a radio nearby so I could hear what was going on with the show.

I watched a sequence start at 2 seconds before the end of my shows.

I must say, that's very impressive! I put in a 'pre-show' where I simply fade the lights and chase some tree's ... nothing spectacular. Though, I had always let it run 15 seconds longer than I needed, with the goal of preventing a repeat of a 5 minute sequence. I've since dropped that to about 3 seconds longer than I need. It's nice to know the scheduler is that accurate.

(Oh, and last night, I watched a sequence end at 1 second after the end. The next show in my schedule fired right up, just like it was supposed to.)

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