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Robbin Wheels in Visulation


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I am working on putting together my program in visualizer and I am using a 24 channel robin wheel. Has anyone put one together already.

I want to make sure when I import to super star and try the auto sequencing that it works correctly. I am not using any CCRs in my program. The Arch Prop worked great. Is there a prop coming out with visualizer for robin wheels? Things like number of channels, lights per channel, LED or Incandescent, would be cool to have.

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I'm putting together a 72 channel Robin Wheel with RGB LEDs (3 strips per spoke, 8 spokes). Seven feet in diameter from 1/2" square tubing welded together and powder coated. Just got in a 92 channel dmx controller and have the 24 strips on order. Got the programming from George Simmons (thank you George). Will post videos when running.

Also have candy cane spinners and ring trees in the works.

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DevMike wrote:

huskernut wrote:
I added my 24 channel robin wheel.

Would you like me to add this to the Prop/Fixture sticky?

sure, thank you
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