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worst Halloween treat


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This year I was doing the door knocking with my three year old. For many years before kids I was home haunting and giving out the full size candy bars and often some other trinket like a glow necklace or blinky lights.

We have a regional thing here where the ToTer is asked to tell a joke. My daughter elected to sing a song. Itsy bitsy spider. So she sings the song and gets clapping and then a treat. This guy was sitting outside and thanked her for the song and gave her ONE starburst. It two days later and I still chuckling about it. Zillow has the houses on that street all from 250 to 400.

Can anyone top that?

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How about this one, heard this on the local news, didn't see it myself except on the news. Some idiot was giving out pornographic flyers! No joke, he was placing them in the trick or treaters bags! Some parents called local law enforcement and were aghast that some brain dead moron would place porno flyers in childrens treat bags!

I don't recall if this was actually in Florida or another state, but I can't see how anything could be worse than that for a treat!

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there was a local kung fu place that was giving out a voucher for a free lesson. Kids that gave out the vouchers would write their code number on it. If the voucher was returned, the kid got a free month.

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