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CTB8 new Chip

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Dan sent me some new chips for my CTB8 that were having problems storing their unit #. I inserted one into a unit today and all my CTB8's lost their channel. After reseting all of them the unit that I upgraded don't display properly in the Hardware Manager.

Anyone have this issue?

I'll attached a pic of the error.


Attached files 93998=5653-LOR-1.gif

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I had the same error when I upgraded them last week. Dan told me that the LOR_DeviceFile.txt file in the program folder needs to be updated. I asked him if he knew what the #type and if any of the other setting changed so I could edit the file myself, but he wasn't sure. He said they would get a new text file out, but I havn't heard back yet from him. He did say that it would still work fine, and since it showes the unit ID correctly, (remember you pulled out the firmware chip, so the assigned ID is lost, since its stored in the same chip), so you have to assign a unit ID to them. Mine appear to be working OK.

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