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Having intermittant light control with LOR sequencer

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I've discovered a weird bug with the LOR sequencer software and I'm curious if anyone else has seen this. When I load a song and try to control the lights, nothing happens. The hardware utility controllers everything, but the sequencer is hit or miss. I end up closing the program, the loading it, unplug the USB adapter, and plugging it back in, and eventually it works. I'm getting ready to setup the "shows" and scheduling and this little bug has got me nervous. Has anyone seen this? If so, what is causing it?

BTW. I've already checked all the settings mentioned in this thread.

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The sequencer cant controll the lights with the hardware utility open. Also I have had problems with the sequencer controller lights, I ender up having to re-start the computer to clear/exit all other Light-O-Rama programs the are running. So, schedualing and running show should be no problem, they do not use the sequence editor or the hardware utility. So check to see if they are closed when running frome the schedular.

Hope This Helps!

--Daniel L

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