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Thanks Dan Mary for coming through

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I know that Dan & Mary are swamped trying to get all the orders out so people can get their lights going asap, so I didn't want to bog down their inbox with a thank you letter. I also remember appreciating people's posts about their experience as it gave me a good idea of what kind of service I could expect.

I ordered a couple of showtime boxes at the very end of the May sale using the save10 promotion. I understood that in exchange for the discount, I'd need to wait until later in the year to receive my order. Unfortunately, when the time came for them to fulfill my order they had some trouble. I'm betting that my spam filter caught their email notifying me of the problem, because I never realized anything was wrong until I emailed them last week asking for the status of my order. That's when I found out that there was a problem and they were currently running three weeks behind.

My friend and I had just spent a lot of time and effort putting together a 20ft mega tree and other assorted decorations and were counting on those controllers if we were going to enter the county holiday lights contest. Judging for the lights contest starts Friday, so I explained the situation and Mary said she'd see what she could do.
Note: This conversation took place over email last weekend.

On Monday I got an email letting me know that my order had been shipped 2nd day air and would arrive Wednesday with plenty of time to connect the boxes and have the show ready for judging.

I received the boxes yesterday and will be finishing the display today thanks to the folks at LOR!

- Gaines

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I have the same sentiments regarding the LOR customer service...

Currently I am out on a business trip and had explained all of this to Mary by e-mail also...I had wanted to plan my return trip with the arrival of the LOR and as a surprise to my family.

Checked the tracking and I am on a flight back to LAX now!!!

Two great things happened!

I get to cut my business trip short to get the displays up and I get to get back to my family for the weekend.

Mary and Dan... great people.

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