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evan.a wrote:

Surfing4Dough wrote:
wbottomley wrote:
Maybe tonight I can shoot some.


I think he went to bed... you know the old guy needs to sleep..

What a slacker. And I thought he was committed...
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Interesting. So where do you anticipate the use of these? Would it look right still within a mega-tree like a lot of strobes are used, or more where you would want a strobe wall wash affect like I picture more in a Halloween setup?

I wonder if another option that would be cheaper (<$1 each) and allow for easier mounting (maybe no mounted needed) would be to use foil pie pans. Would be a variety of sizes available. You can get these in differing quality, but the "nicer" ones would hold up through the winter just fine.

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For a mega-tree set pretty far off the road (far from viewers), smaller pans (6" maybe) might magnify the effect of the strobes in your tree. Might help them stand out more. Might be a neat look. My tree isn't too far from the road so wouldn't apply here.
All interesting though. Good suggestion William.

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