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I have version 2.9.4 basic+. Is there a way to play a voice introduction at the begining of the show and have it play only once? I have the show to repeat but don't want the introduction to repeat. Thanks!!

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If you had either a Standard or an Advanced license, you could put the voice intro's sequence into the show's Startup section, which I believe would do exactly what you want. Unfortunately, the Basic Plus license does not support the Startup section. You still may be able to accomplish what you want, but it may be trickier:

Instead of a single show, you could have two shows, one with your intro sequence, and the other with your "normal" sequences. You could schedule the second one to start a minute after the first one.

If your intro is more than a minute long, then I think that should work more or less as you want - when the minute is up, the intro show will be put into shutdown mode, which basically means that the intro sequence will be allowed to finish, at which point the next show will start.

If it's not a minute long, though, you have to be a little trickier than that:

Make the first show be not just the intro sequence, but also a blank sequence that turns on no lights and plays no sound. Make that sequence play before the intro sequence, and be less than a minute long, but long enough that it plus the intro sequence is more than a minute.

That way, at the scheduled start, it won't really look like anything has started until (say) 37 seconds has passed, at which time the intro sequence will play. At some point during the intro sequence playing, a minute will have passed, so the show will be put into shutdown mode; the intro sequence will be allowed to finish, and then the next show will start.

If you do this, I would suggest playing around with it to make sure that it works as intended.

Of course, you might want to consider instead purchasing an upgrade to Standard or Advanced, which will allow you to do this sort of thing cleanly and easily instead of resorting to complicated tricks like this.

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