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Back for another great year!


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I am not sure yet actually.. My lot is weird so it is hard to plan my layout. :)

Here is my 2011 Halloween display:

I am thinking right behind where you current see the middle RIP tombstone
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My first year I did a Wowlights Megatree Kit..worked fine,2nd year, bought another, so was running 1 on each side of the yard...this year, went to Christmas Light SHow, and bought the 20Ft Mega Tree kit...more expensive, especially after you spend 75 bucks on the add ons to complete the tree, and that without a star on top..but got the kit, looks to be a little more complicated set up, but looking forward to the result.
As far as Wow lights goes, other than the star topper that has the hooks on it, the rest you can buy anywhere for cheaper, maybe 20 bucks total, which 129 is steep when I look at whats entailed...if you want one of my 2 stars, for a nominal fee, say 40+ S&H its all yours, let me know.

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