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template - remove timing marks

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hey gang-

need some help. somehow i got timing marks into my template......i think i tried a cut and paste into my template and got stuck with timing marks.

goal-to get a clean template so that i can import channel configertaion or just open the template when i want to do a new song and save under naother name.


i'm stuck. and i really don't want to retype a minimum 165 channels worth of information.

PLease tell me that my screw up can be fixed without retyping all the channel configerations.

thanks in advance

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What are you using for a template?

The 'import channel configuration' will import the channel configuration only, it does not store any timing information. You can import it into a clean sequence, or a full one, and it will not affect your timing at all.

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I just figured it out :]

What i was doing was reopening the template and sav ing under a different name so the tapper wizard timing marks were there from an earlier screw up. So this time i exported the template information which was a lms file and now saved it as an lcc file without the timing marks, so when i opened a new file and imported the template, everything appereared tgo be back to normal, or in other words.......before OPERATOR ERROR. :devil:

HAppy camper again-:happytree:

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