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Possible production delays affecting the EDM - Audiophile series


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This was recently on the EDM Yahoo Groups, but looked again this morning and I can no longer find it (if you search for "production" in the EDM group you will find it posted, but the link doesn't work). Either way, figured I would post it just in case though since it might hasten one's purchase.

We unexpectedly had a standing order cancelled today on one of the critical components used in the Audiophile series (included RDS model)

The low noise varicap diodes used in the oscillator section of the transmitter was discontinued by the manufacturer. None of the main-line suppliers we contacted have any stock at the moment. At present there are also no direct replacements available from our suppliers. We are searching with our suppliers and component brokers to purchase any possible surplus stock available internationally.

At present we have stock for production of about another ±450 units.
If we are unable to secure this part or suitable replacement in the near future we will be forced to suspend this series while working on a redesign of the circuit to accommodate a new replacement part model.

We had some of the other critical parts going obsolete a year ago but were able to secure enough surplus stock to keep us going for a few more years.

We hope that we can solve this problem before we need to pull this items from our order page during a redesign process.

Please note that the CS series won't be affected.

We know a lot of people place orders during this time of the year intended for Christmas shows, gifts and performances, so please pass this notice on to your groups, forums and friends.

EDM Team

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