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Wizards or not?

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I had planned to use TSO's Wizards in Winter as one of my songs this year.

After looking over my song list, it just does not fit.

We Need a Little Christmas
Let it Snow
Sleigh Ride
Carol of the Bells
TSO's Christmas Canon

Unless people are familiar with Carson Williams and the song - they'll probably wonder what Christmas song is that?

What is everyone else's opinion? Time to move on to something new?


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Just do it!

Have fun and enjoy! :]

Sometimes we think to much. :shock:

Enjoy the moment! :waycool:

Sequence it, test it. :dude:

If you like it, keep it. :smile:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! ;)

And add another set of lights! :laughing:

Edit: Spelling

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Really it is up to you, what your preference is.

With your song list, which seem pretty slow compared to WIW, it really doesn't fit anywhere but would probably work as a finale. Me I like the song, I have since it was released so it has nothing to with Carson, I think about the Warlock from SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN when I here it. But then again I use Queen of the Winter Night in my display....

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So if I told you I use Bruce Springteen's, Merrychristmas Baby, does that mean no one else can use it because it is no longer original?

Who cares what music you use, if you like it, use it.

I was using a TSO song before Carson, so does that mean because he made his fame, I can no longer use TSO music, really....

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Just have fun with it... Your lighting Christmas lights right. They look great without the music Right!!!

I actually did the songs Duelling Banjos because I could see it in lights..

Have fun everyone who sees it will

Gary Slater

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Thanks for everyone's input.

I will use it! I like the idea of it being the finale.

After all, it was the first song I sequenced for LOR and I spent a lot of time on it.

To throw that away now would be a shame.

My lights go on Saturday night. Hope to have a video Sunday!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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