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Home-made rusted cemetery fence


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Here's a rather poor quality pic of a section of fencing I've made for my Halloween display. I started making the fences in early February and just finished!?!

Attached files 265464=14722-Fence.jpg

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The horizontal parts are 2 inch furring strips. The vertical "bars" are 1/2 inch PVC pipe cut to length. The finials are plastic deals I got no the internet cheap.

As for painting, well that was the difficult part. I first applied a light layer of cement/joint compound to get the rough effect you see on things that have been allowed to rust. After this dried, I took a sponge and applied orange paint. While still wet, I then sprayed a watery mixture of brown paint on the fence. Finally, I took a brush applied dark mahogany wood stain. The worst step was the wood stain as it smells horrible and is oil-based. The stain also takes almost 4 days to dry. Still, the end result is a pretty convicning rusting effect.

BTW, I didn't come up with this technique (I'm not that clever) and instead got it from a Halloween blog.

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