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I have created my static display controled by X10s as a seperate Sequence. The Sequence is 1 min long with channel being on for the duration. When I play the Sequence in the Sequence Editor it Turns on the device for the 1 Min than turns it off.

When I put the Sequence into the Show Editor as a Background it does the same thing.. Plays for 1 min than turns off, than repeats the 1 min on, turn off, 1 min on, off, etc.

If i put the sequence into the Startup section it does not play at all.

Help, what am I doing wrong...

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Put the static sequence in the background section. Also add a sequence to the show ( Animation Section or Musical Section).... You need to have a sequence in the show to prevent the background sequence from turning off at the end of the minute.

If you do not want there to be show and just background running then put a dummy sequence in the Animation Section of the show.

This is an issue that we will improve in the next major release of software.

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