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Bubba in NV

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I have been working on the 4:14 minute version of the small small world sequence for two years now and I am not even 1/4 the way through it. Sequencing is harder for me to do right now due to some issues I have with my hands that hopefully is only temporary.

Does anyone have a sequence of this done? I do not need the music, got that... I won't have any new songs for this year. BUT I still put put a great show for only 16 channels. I have two controllers now but it will be another year again before I get anything done with the sequences and second controller.

Not that I am complaining about that. Like I said I still put out a great show and the town and kids love it. Always a steady stream of cars every night. I would like to get the small small world done before another year. It's one of my 5 year old Granddaughters favorite songs. You can use this email address. I am changing ISP providers today but this one will still be good for a couple of weeks or so...


I will be getting the Halloween show up and running the first week in October. The Halloween show is easy, and I only need the mini director to run it. All the stuff is in the yard and only some strobes on the side of the house for that.


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A related song that I'm working on is Disney's Electric Light Parade (aka Baroque Hoedown):

Now if only LOR would slow down even more so I could get the 45 foot long piano in sync...

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