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Looking for some great sounding Halloween UPBEAT Music?

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Just picked this up at Walgreen's and it's a really great sounding CD, great beat, dance style music and all Halloween themed songs.

If you're looking for a fantastic CD to synch to some of those singing faces, wireframe pumpkins or whatever you synch to, this CD is awesome!

Here's the list of songs on the CD with their time:

Monster Kids Music by PC Treasures

Composed, Arranged and Performed by: Wade and Melissa Hooker

01 Halloween.mp3 3:07

02 Monsters in Love.mp3 4:32

03 Zombies.mp3 2:43

04 I Wanna Be a Monster.mp3 3:51

05 Groovy Graveyard.mp3 3:10

06 Morbid McGwinn.mp3 3:02

07 Wicked Witch Blues.mp3 3:41

08 Monster Kids.mp3 3:11

09 Dinosaur Zombies with Chainsaws.mp3 4:27

10 Jack O'Lanterns.mp3 3:34

11 I'm a Monster.mp3 3:34

12 Scary Stories.mp3 3:04

13 Rockabilly Aliens from Outer Space.mp3 4:05

Haven't listened to my 2nd CD yet, which is also by these same folks, called "Cries from the Crypt", but this states it is a Halloween Sounds CD, but looks to be more storyline type, again, have not listened to this one yet, so can't say for sure.

Here's the list from "Cries from the Crypt"

01 Zombie Nightmare 11:08

02 Murder in the Moonlight 9:13

03 Locked in the Basement 10:12

04 Midnight Maniac 10:40

05 Horrors from the Swamp 11:17

06 Revenge of the Dead 10:25

Both these CD's are dated for this year, 2011, so they are new to the Halloween scene for 2011.

So just a heads up for you folks looking for some great and inexpensive CD's to sequence to your Halloween Display for 2011 or even next year. Just use Windows Media Player to rip them to an 128K or 192K MP3 file and load into your sequencer and have at it!

Walgreen's does have a couple others, don't recall the names, but hope to pick them up later as well. They are like the 2nd CD listed, more to the Halloween sound effects or possibly storyline going by the titles of the tracks on the CD.

BTW: Also picked up a few halloween decorations as well, they have some new tombstones this year, as well as a 4 pack of small ones for $5.00, medium size, 3/$10 and the larger ones 2/$10.00.

Have fun sequencing and shopping.

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Walmart had an after-Halloween sale last year where I picked up several strap-on wings for little kids that I am going to use for a Christmas display; these are thin-fabric wings about 25x25 inches that will be back lit with 20 watt mr16 bulbs that match the wing color. Although not a perfect fit for Christmas, these are pretty butterfly wings. Picked up 16 of four different colors and will connect them to a LOR DC controller with a 12vdc 30amp power supply. Should look great, scattered around the front yard. I'll post pictures when they are conplete.

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