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Should I wait for Gen 3?


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Hey All,

A newbie here....

I've been waiting for months for the big sale. I see the CTB16PC is on sale....but now I read a few blurbs about a Gen 3 controller?

Here's the obvious question....

Do I pull the trigger...or will the Gen 3 units be out soon? Will they be on-sale?

My plan is to purchase he CTB16PC (assembled), Premium software (i need X-10 control) and the USB485B adapter.

I plan on using "Canned" shows, as I know it's too late to learn it all...this late in the season.



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With regards to the current Mini-Sale, it's important to note that the sale is for the Kit versions of the controllers. These version require soldering.

If you don't want to solder your controllers together, then you have no other choice but to wait for G3, as the Light-O-Rama store has all assembled controllers (Showtime and DIY/CTB16PC) on backorder.

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