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Replacement boards CTB16D

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i am currently waiting for a replacement for a damaged board (CTB16D) & was advised some 2 1/2 weeks ago that a replacement would be sent.

however i have not received a response to 2 emails & have been unable to contact them by phone( ending up on an answering service ( i did not leave a message)).

i know this is probably a really busy time for you guys at lightorama with problems etc, DAN can you please advise of any delays that you currently have with sending out boards etc???

just so i can figure out my display should i have a long wait.


geoff- green point NSW australia

ps- already blowing peoples minds with your product HOHOHOHOHO

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Not sure why the emails were missed. We try to get to them within 24 hours.

I will check the status of the replacment. We have plenty of CTB16Ds in stock.

Edit: It has been sent: Tracking info: EQ622442094US

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