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Lights changing colors

Ron Boyd

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I've seen in many videos, the lights changing from red to blue and green. Do I need a special light to make this happen or will it work with just a standard white strand? I've seen RGB throughout my short time with the LOR software, is this what I use and how do I?

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Some just use 3 or 4 strands of lights on each element.

Like a tree for example. The tree will have a string of Red lights, a string of Green lights, a string of Blue lights, and a string of White lights.

These 4 strings will be hooked up to a controller separately. Like red channel 1, green channel 2, blue channel 3, and white channel 4.

When you want the tree to be blue you turn on only channel 3. If you want it to change to red you would turn off (or fade down) channel 3 and turn on (or fade up) channel 1.

That is the basic/easiest way to do it. Some are using RGB strings/strips. These basically work the same way, but the thing with using RGB devises is they are capable of millions of colors. Using the example above of fading from blue to red you would get some shades of purple during the fade down of blue and fade up of red if they fades overlap. With a RGB device if you turn on all 3 (red, green, and blue) you will get a white light.

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Yep, Paul's got it.. the least expensive way is to create "SuperStrings", as they're called by most.. a string of red, a string of green, and string of blue, and sometimes a string of white.. RGB(W)...

I tie the ends of the 3(or 4 color) strings together, then weave them so they look like a single, bundled string. Look at the strings closest to the camera.. you can see how they're woven. You dont 'have' to weave them, I just did it to make it appear as the single string changes color. I have SS on the MegaTree, minitrees and house outline so I can change the color of the entire display completely. This year I'm adding SS to the lawn lights too.

Only downside to weaving them is if one string stops working, it's a chore to unweave it to fix.

But the effect is great! Check the MegaTree on the left starting at :25, how it changes color.. There are no white lights on it, but viewed at a distance the RGB colors mix and creates white.

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