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motorized new years ball

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Hi all, My name is Aaron and I have been decorating for 12 yrs now, I have a unique problem and I hope you all can tell me a simple answer, I built a replica of the new years ball in times square, and I have a liftmasterCHAIN DRIVE garage door opener model # 139.53603 I plan on using to motorize it, I only have a week to figure out how to trigger the mechanism using L.O.R., Can you help me?? any time I attach any type of relay or transformer to the (low voltage wires to wall unit) the opener than automatically thinks its a closed circuit and operates the door opener, so that doesn't work for me...

I was thinking of something in the lines of a mechanical arm, but how to trigger it using L.O.R.?

I have am Omron my4 relay , I was wondering if I could somehow plug that into L.O.R.?

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ok, i don't have a LOR yet, so i dont know that much a bout it. I know it use TRIACs witch tells me a lot about the LORs

ok, How experienced are you with electronicsbut it sounds like you know some. it sounds like you are hooking up the coil side of the relay to the door trigger "(low voltage wires to wall unit)" or you could be using the wrong contact setup. I it also sounds like your using a SPST relay, And you need to use a SPDT relay

Need to use the ( Commen and the N.O. contacts) assuming the door opener is a open-loop system. If it is a closed-loop system the you need to use (commen and the N.C. contacts)

P.S. Whin useing a "DC relay" it is best to use a Diode backwards ( reverse bias ) across the relay coil to prevint voltage spikes

If you like you could try using one channle from the LOR but do not do any fadding or pulseing of that channle, just use the on or off AND use a 120VAC relay, Also dont use a Diode across the relay coil

BadSCR.. i dont mean to sound condescending or mean so sorry



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Get a 120V relay -- hook the coil to an LOR channel.

Then wire the "door switch" to the Normally Open contacts on the relay.

Then, when you want the ball to go down, give that LOR channel a pulse of 1/2 second or so.

Should work fine. I use a similar circuit for the low voltage trigger on my strobes.


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