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Do LOR ship to the uk?

Lee Long

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Hi Guys, does anyone know if the LOR online store ship to the UK? I guess they must but i tried to place my first order this morning but i couldn't work it out. There was a drop down box against the controllers for u.s. / canada and one for australia but no uk! ;) I did try to buy anyway using both options and when i went through to check out and put my address in it seemed to throw a fault and added no shipping charge !! Can anyone point me in the right direction as i have cash burning a hole in my pocket and can't wait to get the soldering iron out :P

Many thanks in advance


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Just a note, i have emailed LOR via their contact page but have had no reply yet. I realise that people are busy and there is a time difference but i really don't want to miss out on the controllers

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Hi, I don't work for LOR, but here is why I am pretty sure they do ship to the UK:

- There are 30 members on the forum that have listed their location as UK. There are probably many more like yourself, who have not provided a location when registering for the forum.

- Several members on the forum from the UK have a website listed. I clicked on this one and they use LOR. I am assuming that the equipment was shipped to them.

- Info regarding the September Mini Sales from the bottom of the www.lightorama.com website:
"Throughout September we are having a series of Mini Sales… During each Mini Sale we will sell one or more products. During the Mini Sales, there will be no shipping charges for sale items shipped to US addresses. For international customers shipping will be discounted!"

- I believe they have shipped to Australia, Canada, and France.... why not UK????

Anyway, if you are concerned about getting some of the limited supply of controller kits, I would place the order now. If for some reason they do not ship to UK, they would refund your money (if the charges had already been made to your credit card). But if you place your order now, at least you would be in the queue.

Good Luck!

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Yes we do ship to the UK. We do not have the correct power cords for the UK so it becomes and issue where you need to order without cords or you purchase adapters or you cut off the cord ends and put on your own.

When we get an order that ships outside the US, the correct shipping is not calculated by the store. There is a message to that indicatest that is the case but most people miss it.

Once an international order is received the customer is contacted via email with shipping options and costs. Only when they have agreed to the shipping method do we process the order.

Currently most controllers are on backorder but that will change shortly. (most likely next week).

Light O Rama, Inc.

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Hi Lee,

Obviously Dan has just said it all, but as an International buyer myself the process does work and the customer service is great. Once my order is in I usually get two or three shipping options from customer service, and once I confirm which way to go they process and it is out the door in a day or two... (depending on stock etc)
We are lucky as LOR now do AUS compliant cords, even though shipping costs are huge (weight) for me it is worth it as I don't have the time to "make my own" anymore. This was an issue on my first order, and just made my own from short extension cords, cut of the male end and attached spades to it to connect to the controller...

Good luck, I am sure you will enjoy the process.... :)

cheers Trebs

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Thanks guys, a big thumbs up and a cheesy grin from me. The order has now been placed. A freind has just ordered 3 kits for him and 3 for me and the advanced software package. We can't wait to get going and join the fun:dude:

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