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Help , I broke it again.

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OK, I have about 1/3 of my lights up. I have my controls plugged in with red light blinking. I think I have got my wireless conections conected but I can not seem to make the Light-o-rama software find the usb485 and thus it can not find my controls. What am I doing wrong.

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Make sure you have the latest Hardware Utility (HWU)- see the LOR support page.

Click My Computer -> View system information -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager button -> click "+" next to Ports (COM & LPT) You should see a USB Serial Port (COMn)

If the comm port number is greater that 10, we'll have to move it down.

Plug the ELL into the USB485B. LED1 on the ELL should flash once/sec.

Start the Hardware Utility. Use the "Manual Select" drop-down to select the COMnn port from above. The HWU should notice the ELL and put the little ELL icon at the bottom of the window. LED2 on the ELL should flash about 3 times/sec, but dim.

If you click the "LOR RF" tab and get the current configuration it should fill in the config. All your ELLs must have the same configuration.

If you get this far, then leave one ELL on the USB485B and put another on a controller. The one on the controller should have LED1 flashing about once/sec and LED2 mimicing LED2 on the ELL on the USB485B.

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