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Computer HD CRASHED, all is lost. Upgraded to W7 and the sequences are off.


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So here is my issue...when I run my sequences from last year (THANKS to LOR sequences.com where I had up-loaded a lot of my stuff from last year !!!!), I was running Windows XP. My HD crashed &I had to wipe it.

Now the sequences when I run the option "play range/selection" runs the last block of the sequence played.

So if I run from 1:00 to 1:53 it plays, but it plays the block of memory that I had ran before running this part of the sequence.

Apologies for the rant but was intrigued if others had the same issue.


PS:You guys are the pinnacle of info that I keep referring to!!!!!

Thanks in advance.


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-klb- wrote:

Is your issue only when playing not from the start? If so, are you using .mp3 files? Possibly variable bit rate?

Yep only when playing from elsewhere in the song, it plays fine if I play it from the beginning of the song.

I am using MP3...

I'll look into the bit rate I had not though of that.

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There are major differences between media player on XP and media player on Win7. Just download audicty it will fix your mp3's.

Also, check into a FREE Amazon Cloud account. Plenty of room to upload songs and sequences. They will be there for life, your great grandchildren will be able to show your stuff in show and tell as they make fun of our old technology.

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