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Hi everyone,

I need a little help everyone, I wasn't going to do this or ask, and I'm totally embarrassed but without i Little assistance from everyone I'm really in a jam here. I've had a hard drive meltdown and what amounts to now too years of hard work is gone. Ive been doing all my sequences on a new laptop i recently got, and I though..... i pulled all my sequences from my old pc and tones of other stuff over to the new computer. Well I didn't. all i did was bring over was a couple of songs. so I'm not totally dead but close. so I'm ask everyone for a little help. and i know it's a big one but would anyone have any of the following Sequence's they wouldn't mind sharing with me. and just so you know i have 64 channels, but don't care what it is. I'll take any help i can get.

Sequences I've lost.

Blue Christmas - Elvis

god rest ye merry gentleman – Mannheim steamroller

Rudolf the red nose reindeer – gene Audrey

it must have been old st.nikoless – Harry conic jr

sleigh ride – the gap commercial one

We need a little Christmas – Percy

Brenda lee – it’s a marshmallow world

Mariah carey – all I want for Christmas

Andy Williams – it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Chicago – let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Theres more but again any help would be a huge thank you.

Thanks everyone for reading, You don't know how bad i feel. I'm sick over this. and let this be a lesson for every one to save your work to disk. I am now.

You can pm me or email me at rdpremier@aol.com.

Thanks again,


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Please, folks, backup your sequences. There have been at least a dozen stories just like this one posted here this year. I lost my hard drive last year and lost some precious photos of my newborn son (most things were backed up, but not all).

At the end of every night, I back up my sequences from the laptop (where I sequence) to the main computer, which in turn backs them to an external hard drive automatically. After getting burned by my failure last year, I set up this automatic backup. External drives can be had for well under $100, and if you just want to back up some critical files, you could go to a USB flash drive for as cheap as $15...

You can't be too safe with your data!

My only missing link is I should burn a copy to a DVD occasionally and store it off-site. If the house burns down I'll have a lot more worries than my LOR sequences, but I might want all our digital photos, etc...


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This is a really good deal at Officedepot. That and some good backup software and you are all set!


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Sorry to hear that. Sadly I dont have any of those songs sequenced. But I will say what I do. I do all of my sequencing on a computer at home, then I back it up to the "Store" laptop that goes to my dads store every so often. Then from their it will sync up the files to 2-3 diffrent computers at the store. So I cauld have 5 copies of evverything if needed. Also just the sequences are going to be backed up to the everythingDaniel.com webserver.

--Daniel L

P.S.- I found out that running a busted HD for an while "Might" make it spin up. This has happened to me a couple times and I just waited
and it came back after a while

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