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Looking for singing pumpkin sequence the nightmare befor xmas

Don In Kenner-LA

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Hi All:
Iam looking for The nightmare before christmas sequence for the singing pumpkin and pumpkin quoir. My daughter loves it so much and I would love to surprise her for halloween this year.
If any one could help I would be very thankfull.

Thank You
Don In Kenner-LA
email is davis0042@bellsouth.net

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Don In Kenner,LA

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It had a group of 8 singing pumpkins last year as my first LOR Halloween setup. The set-up uses 32 channels - 16 for the pumpkins and the other 16 for the prop lights and the flood lights used for the lighting.

Here's a link to a video of the setup on YouTube -

Here's the sequence -

Attached files This is Halloween v3.lms
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