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I have a new 32 chanel LOR with the M3P player. Hooked up for about a week. All my wireframes sequenced perfectly. Now the problem......Thursday , rain. Today i went to check my set up ........
1. In my sequence of 6 one of the wireframes stays lit constanly , a dim light. When the program runs that wireframe will brighten but then go back to constant dim.
2. Checked all the plugs for water
3. Re-booted
Can anyone offer me any other suggestions of how to fix this problem. I pray that it is not a default in LOR just something simple that i am not aware of , a novice i am.
Please , please help me with your knowledge. Maybe this has happened to you.
With a great appreciation.

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Since you talked about rain, maybe the board got a little wet.

Here's a possibility. Take your controller apart enough that you can visually inspect the board. If you see any white corrosion, carefully clean it off with an eraser. Sometimes it is pretty hard to see.

This usually works when the damage isn't too extensive. If it is under the chips or caused current flows that damaged componets you are probably out of luck and will have to replace componets for that channel.

It may also be just letting it sit (without power applied) may allow it to dry out enough to work. The longer power is applied with water damage usually the worst the damage.

Good luck


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Sounds like a bad channel to me. I would definitely check for moisture.

It could also be a cold solder joint.

Check the defective channel under a good bright light, and magnifying glass if possible.

When I had problems with my home built SSR circuits last year, I had similar issues and found a couple cold(loose) solder joints.

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