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which lor kit

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hi i'm from the uk and don't know much about the lor kits, please could someone tell me which kit to purchase? i don't know much about electrics or computers or not much else lol, I have about 100 items to plug in but prob don't need that many channels as am just starting out and won't have the time to program that many

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First I would like to ask that you fill in you profile a little so others know where in the UK your located. You might have a PC buddy right in town with you that can maybe help out. Plus I feel it's just polite to others who may want to respond to your questions and such.

As for your question (and you don't have much time to play around) I would get the 16 channel showtime box if the budget is there for it. You can probably plug groups of decorations into each channel (just don't go over the amp limit). Maybe even purchase a few LOR sequences or get some shared sequences online at www.lorsequences.com and I think there are a couple other sites with them. Time is not on your side to controllers already built and sequences already complete will help things along very much.

One thing to think about. Voltage of the UK for LOR. I know several others in the UK has LOR or other brand controllers so hunt them down using the locator here in PC.

Just my thoughts,


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