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How do I get Winamp to hear what LOR is playing?

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I have a custom set of LED fixtures that are controlled through a winamp plugin. THe will change color and pulse to the beat. Does anyone know a way I can get winamp to listen to the selection that is being played through LOR? This would allow me to incorperate the LED fixtures into my LOR show.


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There are a few different options.

Winamp has a linein feature that will listen to the recording on your soundcard. To have Winamp Listen to the Recording Channel of your soundcard (it could be Line-In, Microphone, etc.) click on File on then "Play URL" or "Play Location" depending on version of winamp you have.

Once you have that up type in


Winamp will now display something like "Line Input" and the timer will start counting upward.

Now you have to get some sound on the recording part of your sound card.

I am going to list a few options first starting with the easiest

==== Option 1 ====

Most sound cards are limited to Line In and Microphone input but you may have a sound card that will work.

I have an Asus Motherboard with a built in SoundMax sound device. What I love about this soundcard is that you can record the WAV out of the same sound card. Many other sound cards don't do this one but you may want to check your computer to see if it does.

To see if you card suppost this pull up the windows Volume Control mixer.

Click Options -> Properties -> Adjust Volume for Recording

You will see a few options there. Basic ones are Microphone, Aux (or Line In), and if you are lucky you will see something called "Wave Out Mix" or something like that. Make sure the is checked and then hit OK.

Now the mixer will say "Recording Control" on top instead of "Speaker"

You can not adjust the levels for the recording settings now. You will want to make sure the Wave Out Mix is selected and you can adjust the level setting, which will affect how loud the sound is going into Winamp.

==== Option 2 ====

You will have to experiment with this one but it should work. Buy a Headphone splitter at Radio shack and have one output go to your transmitter (or whatever you are using) and then the other output go back into the LINE-IN on your sound card. You will want to make sure the the Volume setting for Line-In is turned all the way down or off or you will create an audio loopback which is not a very pleasant sound. You will then adjust your recording settings to Line-In and you should now be about to use the linein:// setting in Winamp

==== Option 3 ====

This is a screwball way to do it, but I have had to this before in certain recording applications and it should work for you.

If your soundcard does not support the output to the recording input like the description above, you can add a USB sound card and loop it through.

You should me able to pick up a USB sound card for cheap. I have bought a few from http://www.compgeeks for $8 and they work great.


What you will do is use the New USB sound card for the main audio out but you will split that audio signal and have it go into the audio input of your normal sound card.

What you do is plug the new usb sound card into your computer. Windows by default switches everything to the new sound card se we now have to change some settings.

Go into Control Panel and then Sounds and Audio Devices and then click the Audio Tab.

Have "Sound Playback" be the new USB sound device.

Have "Sound Recording" be your old Card Device.

This allows us to have Sound come out of the USB Sound Card and the Recording to go to Winamp on your Old Sound Card.

LOR will use the default sound card so now The sound will come out of the New USB card.

Fire up winamp and do the linein:// thing and it will take the input from the old sound card.


Good Luck

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