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It is alive!!!!!

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Hi all,

Started setting up lights this weekend. Figured I would get the house done this weekend, and the grounds done next weekend. I got all of my show lights set up on the roof, and the ones on the ground also. I then had to run a cat 5 cable up through the wall to the outside. Ended up having to cut one end off for the wall plate I got, and was very worried about getting it connected properly. Well, after messing with it for a few minutes, everything came online and started working the way it is supposed to. So I got out my transmitter and hooked it up and started a sequence. Drove the car down the street and started getting static where the road begins. The neighbor was pulling in when I was backing down the street and she just stopped at the beginning of her driveway. I went out to talk to her and she was listening to it on her radio. I was smiling ear to ear from the compiments she was giving. She said they saw me out putting up lights and had been wandering when I was going to get everything set up. I did however pop a circuit breaker in the garage when the show was on. I am going to have to run a circuit just for the show lights to get things right.

Woo Hoo, I am getting more excited by the minute!!!


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Feels good to get the lights up and to see them going for the first time, doesn't it? I worked Wednesday thru Saturday to get most of the lights up. Attached is a late night picture of the garage roof, with all on. December is going to be cool !

Anyone else have any teaser pics ?


Attached files 87013=5242-IMG_1816.jpg

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jeffostroff wrote:

how do you secure the mini trees to the roof? Cna you enclose some wll lit day time photos of how you anchored them down?

Jeff -

I can get some pics this weekend (weather permitting) and post them.

Dave T.
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