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Well here we are...

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Well here we are... After spending the entire year wishing for the months to go by faster, we are finally to the Eve of the Christmas season. I remember back in January synchronizing my first songs and not even having a LOR controller to my name. Then waiting for the April sale uhhhh, in May. lol.

A few weeks later, the excitement of coming home from a long day at work to beautiful boxes from LOR. Then ripping them open and being totally overwhelmed by how many little bitty parts there were to solder together.

lol, I wondered quickly if I had just made a huge mistake by getting five hobby boards that I had to build myself. I got straight A's in electronics but that was back in high school. Boy how exciting was that to wire one up and see that red led go solid. Then another, and another, whahooo, they all went solid!

By August I had my 5 boards in their boxes and the excitement that Christmas was right around the corner built! Then for the 22 Gremler mini tree's. Many nights until 1am sitting on the garage floor zip tie after tip tie. Thank GOD I bought something like 6000 zip ties. My fingers still have callus's from those da*n tomato cages and my knees will never be the same. Getting old I guess...

September rolled around and you could look back at the year on Planet Christmas and see the steady pace of activity slowly getting more and more. Very exciting.

Then October and wow was that great to see the LOR's being used for Halloween. That just killed me that I missed that opportunity because I have been so focused on Christmas this entire time! But it's only fueled the fire for the rest of us right? Great job on the Halloween displays!

FINALLY. ONE MORE DOG GONE HOLIDAY TO GO! I know that we ALL have our fingers on the switch each and every night. I am sure we all say the same thing to ourselves to justify watching our lights dance... "Oh, just one song won't hurt will it?. It is 1am after all..." lol I am sure the neighbors have peeked out their window once or twice at 1am and said to each other, "Geeesh, look at that idiot out there staring at all those lights just blinking. He must be on drugs." lol.

Anyway, sorry for the sentimental moment everyone. This is my first year doing this and it's been oh so exciting for me. Thanks to everyone helping me out. Thanks to Dan and his people for a great product and killer support. Thanks for everyone helping everyone else out. Thanks for keeping the fights and personal attacks (typical of most other boards) to a bare minimum and just plain remembering what this board is all about. The big picture...

Christmas, and what it all means...

Good luck everyone, Luke

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What a wonderful letter! I felt a lot of those same feelings this past year. This has been a crazy, exciting, way too long of a year. I couldn't wait for November to finally get here.

I am having a blast decorating.

Keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your display and your hearts!

Michael B

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