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BACK-UP .... Yet Another Story


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Hi Folks ....

I thought I would share my story with everyone ... to
re-emphasize to back up frequently.

After reading other stories on here ... I backup every weekend. I run Kapersky Internet Security but still suddenly my laptop would not turn on. Luckily I have a friend with an IT background. Multiple viruses found. I was luck to be able to get everything off the drive before it had to be formatted.

Worst case scenario .. I had backed up a week earlier so I would have lost a bit but if I could have lost a LOT of work !

BACK-UP your hard work !!!


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No argument from me about a consistent backup being the safest way to keep you data secure. I use an external hard drive every week to backup all of my important files. Even though it would be easier to leave the hard drive hooked up all the time, I only plug it in when I am doing a backup and only after I have done a thorough malware and virus scan. I was recently informed that some persistent viruses can migrate across hard drives, even thought there is no inter-drive activity. Possibly an “old-wives tale” but I’m not going to take the chance. I even backup some of my daily backups, like flash drives.

I am stuck doing lots of IT stuff at work and couldn’t understand why our corporate version of AV software was over-looking some viruses and Trojans on infected systems. I was surprised to learn that most AV and Anti-Malware programs are set by default to not run as thorough a scan as possible, sort of a balance between catching some (the worst?) viruses and not overloading system resources and time spent scanning.

You can manually change the scan setting to a much more aggressive scan, usually found in the advance settings, including scanning all file types rather than just selected file types, scanning within archived files, etc. Even MalWareBytes, as good as it is, is only set by default at about 60% scan efficiency.

Perhaps this is why your Kaspersky didn’t catch the viruses infecting your system.

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