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Radio Tune To Sign Build


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Here is a parts list and picture of our Radio "Tune To" Sign. I already had the lights and the parts from Home Depot totaled less than $25.00

Parts List

1 - 2' x 4' Pegboard Precut : $6.25
5 - 2x3 8' Studs : $7.48
2 - Gloss Black Value Spray Paint : $1.94
1 - 2 1/2" Gold Deck Screws Box : $6.47

I cut the top and bottom frame from 1 2x3 stud. I cut them 1" short of the length of the pegboard, to allow for gluing and nesting of the pegboard into the side frames. The side frames are cut from another 2x3 stud to match the overall height of the frame. Them I cut a 3/8" notch in the center of each frame piece 1/2" deep for the pegboard to nest into. Then I assembled 3 sides of the frame, applied a bit of wood glue into each of the notches, slid the pegboard into the notches, then glued and assembled the end frame piece.

The legs were made from the remaining 2 studs. The uprights were cut 3' and the feet were cut 48". The remaining 2' piece I used to brace the opposite side of each leg for extra support and stability. I traced and cut each piece to match the angles. Everything was glued and counter-sunk screwed then filled and sanded for a smooth finish. I painted it black so it would not be seen at night, except for the lights.

I had a few older strings of green wire clear icicles laying around that were donated to us 2 years ago. I used 2 of these and a 50 light mini string for the lights. The I attached the lights with a dab of hot glue on the back side to allow for easy bulb change, should one burn out.

All in all, worked good for what we needed and reasonably priced. Enjoy

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