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I'll be using the Easy Light Linker to operate controllers on my neighbors houses. For those who have had some experience with this device (or others who want to weigh in with other knowledge or experience):

1. I received my initial pair of ELLs in May, and a second pair in October. I vaguely remember seeing something about a firmware upgrade. So I'm planning to upgrade the firmware on all four to ensure it's the current version. For upgrading, is it best/required to have an ELL hardwired to the PC or can they be upgraded wirelessly?

2. Does anyone have experience with the physical environment? The neighbors' units will be about 15' above ground (one on an exterior porch, the other on a porch roof).

3. I am hoping to have my PC and transmitter in the house and being typical Florida wood construction I think the signal should get through the wall OK (otherwise I'll run a cable through the window and put the transmitter on my front porch). Either way, the distance to the neighbors' transmitters will be about 70'.

4. Are there any "Gee, I wish I'd known that before" kinds of things which might be helpful to those of us who are just beginning to incorporate this function into our displays?

Thanks to all for your ongoing help. Rick

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You must connect the units(via cable) one at a time to the PC to download the new firmware.

Through one wall out 70' should not be a problem. Try and keep the units about the same distance off the ground but things need not be exact....

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