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Some of my 2011 Halloween Sequences for downloading

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You can find my current 48 channel sequences for my 2011 Halloween Display for downloading here:


Feel free to change, tweak, modify, add, subtract, whatever floats {or sinks:P} your boat, for your display usage.

Most of all have fun!

NOTE: some sequences may still require a few tweaks here and there, but these are basically sequences I consider completed at this time {but sequences always seem to need additional tweaks!:P}

More to come as I get them finished.:)

Any questions or specifics needed about a sequence, feel free to ask or PM me!

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rodman1369 wrote:

Thanks So Very Much...from a beginner to a generous benefactor!

You're very welcome.

In case you missed these, here are my 80 channel 2010 Halloween sequences:


You can also find my 80 channel 2010 Christmas sequences here:


Any questions just ask!
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