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New shelves in workshop


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Just finished installing shelves in the workshop, next up is to move the hearse in to finish the referb, and then to build a work bench! These shelves hold about 80% of the stuff that is stored in the workshop and not elsewhere. Now that we have room the hearse will be coming in soon!
And we're still cleaning!

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Guest Don Gillespie

morte615 if you add some trusses on top of your walls you could conceivably store many thousands of decorations and lights just in case your thinking of going big

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Yeah we have thought about adding trusses to the top, there used to be an attic like space, you can see the wood they used to support it. Down the road we want to do something like that, but right now we are working on getting permanent power installed, as of now we are using an extension cord!

And here is a picture of the hearse, this is about half way through the referb and taken during the Haunted Trail I run. We are adding new lights, redoing the paint, and setting it up to run audio and lights from.

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And here's a closer look at the shelves, these were installed in the retail shop a few friends of mine used to run. When the place closed we grabbed the shelves and moved them in here.

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