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Anyone ever sequence this one?

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Just watched the movie by the same name "Dark House" and I believe Bryan Ross actually did the music for the entire movie. But the end title credits where the song "Dark House" is sung just sounds so ominous and sounds great for an LOR Animated Halloween Light display.

I have not seen this song for sale anywhere.

Just wondering if anyone has ever sequenced this song or even heard it?

The recording label is "Historic-Records", but the website listed on the end credits is no longer vaild, there is an "Historic-Records" listed on Facebook, but could not locate the song on their area of the website anywhere, nor could I find it listed on Bryan Ross Productions site either.

Makes me wonder if he or the record label just figured the song wasn't worth selling or ???.

But I do believe it would be a great song for those doing LOR Halloween displays or even a Haunted House theme.

So since I couldn't find it for sale anywhere (and I looked at a lot of places, Amazon, CDBaby, Itunes, etc. with no luck), I am making the MP3 versions I have avaialble to those that want it!

I have two versions, the full length one and an edited down shorter version.

Just feel free to PM me with your request and I'll let you know where to download both versions from.

Full length version is: 4:34 minutes long "Dark House"

Shortened version is: 2:30 minutes long "Dark House EDIT"

Currently working on the Halloween sequence for this tune (48 channels for 2011)

Both my MP3 version have been edited so that the end of the song slowly fades out.

The original just abruptly stiops, something I'm not particularly fond of myself.

You can hear the FULL song here on YouTube (I didn't post it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGXBAzOw2iI

And see if it would fit your needs or display.

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