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paul sessel

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Labor problems in their factories, I hope these problems don't roll over into there workmanship and everyone this year have problems with their lights.

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[size=So here is the latest update. First, let me explain that I buy from many factories. Not all of them are full container orders. We have an agent overseas consolidate factories to fill containers and there has been some shifting of goods. The dripping icicle tubes that were going to ship on about May 10th have been pushed back to the container with the LED rope lights that will ship around June 15. The shipping schedule looks like this:

May 12 - Incandescent mini's, LED net lights & green/white spool goods.
May 20 - All retro fit LED lamps (including the dripping series of retro fits).
May 25 - All incandescent C lamps.
June 15 - LED rope lights and LED dripping tubes.

Keep in mind it takes 4 -5 weeks to get to me once shipped from China. As soon as the containers arrive, we will unload and ship out orders from them that can be processed. Thanks for your patience.]

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