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Many many thanks to you all

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Halloween was a huge success! We had so many people enjoying the show, and over 1500 trick or treaters! Last night one of our neighbors rang the bell and had brought over a bottle of wine just to say thanks for the show. People really appreciated the effort.

And WE really appreciate EVERYONE here at Planet Christmas - what a great group and how lucky we have been to find you. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that put up with my newbie/inane/badly worded questions, and especially -

Tom - for excellent sequencing and all around LOR advice

Terry - for an awesome sequence

Jeff - for sharing his hard work and making it easier for me

Marty - for getting our transmitter up and running - and making it plug and play - so simple and works perfect!

Don - for the wiki, we have referred back to it so many times, and for always answering my questions

Mrs. LaF - for always writing back and so graciously offering advice

And to EVERYONE who answered all my questions - practically everyone here has helped me at one point or another. I needed alot of help. :)

But we pulled it off, in just over a month's time, bought 64 channels, hung almost 20,000 lights, bought and implemented radio transmitter, and ran a six-song Halloween show for ten nights. Not bad for newbies! Couldn't have done any of it without all of you.

Thanks thanks thanks thanks. My next round of annoying questions will be me trying to figure out how to post pics and video. :)

And then...on to :happytree::tree::smilingelf::snowman::rudolph::ornament::santa:


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Thanks Ashleigh

We bought 2000 fullsize candy bars, 1000 glow bracelets, 300 mini-tubs of play doh, and we popped 200 mini-bags of popcorn - and it all went!!!

A friend of ours has a good humor ice cream truck, he dressed up like the good humor man and brought 150 ice creams which he thought would last most of the night. 150 ice creams GONE in 12 minutes.

Halloween has just gotten bigger and bigger every year. I saw on the today show that the spending went up over a billion dollars from over 3 billion, to 4.29 billion.

Nice to know we contributed to that! :)

Thanks again,


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Susy and Doug,

I was very happy to assist in getting you started. I was also thrilled at creating a sequence for you because I've never built a sequence for an actual house display. It's all been for my business front which is totally different. So it was different from start to finish and I had a blast every bit of the way.

I hope you got a video of it as I would love to see it in action.

As for Halloween, I'm really glad you had such high numbers. Back when I had my house set-up for Halloween, we would go thru 60 to 75 lbs of candy Halloween night (after a few years of getting established). I almost miss those days too (a lot less work).

Anyway, great work and please let us know if or when you have video to share.


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Glad you liked my sequences!

That's amazing that you had 1500 people, kind of neighborhood is that!

I think we had maybe 100 kids and the neighbors all commented it was a lot less than last year. One thing was cool though, virtually everyone that walked by my house, I could here the words "Best" mentioned a lot, and tons of people stopped to pose for photos in front of our house.

They really liked the Disney's MAin street Electrical Parade and Little Mermaid "Under The Sea" was a big hit too!

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