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Using LOR for the first time this year

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Well, I have my songs sequenced and my shows made. I decided this weekend to start testing my setup.

I wanted to make sure the FM transmitter worked like is should. Check that, works great!! :waycool:

Wanted to make sure I set my shows up properly and scheduled them right. Check that, works the way it should!! :waycool:

Everything comes on when it should, turns off when it should and the music sounds great over the radio. I sat out in my car in front of my house to listen to the show and see how far down the street the signal travels.

Now I just have to set up all the lights and let loose the show! I can't wait till Thanksgiving night!!

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This is my first year with LOR equipment too. I dont have a transmitter for music as im not doing that this year. Will work into that next year maybe, but this year I plan to add to the display I have now and thats real computer controlled lighting. No more X-10 for me. hehe! I also dont want to freak the neighbors which I know I could with this LOR unit. Just gotta introduce it to them gently.... Looking forward to a fun season! Good luck to everyone and to all the fellow LOR newbies.


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I'm a newbie too. I ended up going with the whole house transmitter. http://www.wholehousefmtransmitter.com/
It seems to be working out well. I used for halloween light show as practice. I found it worked better when antenna was up high. I liked this one because it has 4 different power supplies.

I found it online and purchased from of all places a book store. http://swissvalley.spreadtheword.com/content/search/product/view_item.php?dcn=28231&sm=
cost was $71.99 with free shipping.

I also looked at http://www.hobbytron.com/fm-radio-transmitter.html
and http://www.ccrane.com/radios/fm-transmitters/fm-transmitter.aspx
and http://www.mobileblackbox.com/

You need to pay attention to the distance of transmission and the channel selection. I thought about buying one of the cheaper ones that transmits about 30 feet. But then I didn't want to ruin it trying to modify it with a longer antenna. I remember seeing someone who modified a belkin fm transmitter by adding a longer antenna but I can't find a link.

I also do not have any experience with soldering and didn't have the time to try one of the kits like hobbytron was selling.

I hope this helps. Good luck

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I'm in my first year too! Still sequencing, but Im almost done. My LOR works great though!!!!:dude:
musicman wrote:

I was wondering what radio transmitter you are using. This is my first year and I'm looking for one
I am using the FM30 from ramsey. I got it assembled off ebay because I got it last week and didnt want the stress of having to solder it in a rush. Works great! Also I got the FM30 instrad of the FM25B, which is what some people here use, because it has an LCD display. This allowes you to easily set volume power frequency and more. The transmitter some with whip antenna, power suppily, and instructions.

Ian Ferralli

P.S. The input on the back of the transmitter is RCA plugs. If you are plugging it into a computer you will need an adapter from 8th inch to RCA.
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OOO...OOOO. I gotta Chime in Too.

This is my first year with the 16 channels. I have 14 channels sequenced with 3 songs and my Belkin Tunecast II with the Modded Antenna.

Tested the Sequencer, Scheduler and Configuration. Everything is a go. Now to just sequence so more songs, get my Electrician friend to come over and help me wire in a new Circuit and Ethernet Data Cable.....

Can't wait for Christmas!!!

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I bought the Belkin II and the did the mod to it. I probably do the the 300 feet or so of range. I live just outside of Dallas, Texas and that I think is pretty good for having as many stations as we do. I have the transmitter hooked into my computer and the antenna straight up and down on the wall.

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The Belkin II is a great choice if you don't want to spend a lot of money (Walmart if you want it now, Ebay if not a rush), I mount mine outside without a antenna mod (Antenna frequency calculation link can be found on my site) and it reaches two houses easily in either direction (200').

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