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double000 wrote:

I was wondering if any body has sequences Thunder-busters with two talking pumpkins. I thought this would be different for Halloween. This is my first Halloween,Ive never done lips before and having a hard time . Please any help http://youtu.be/jiH1wNmZTIII
I know there are web sites/programs to pull the music out and make it an MP3, then the rest is up to you and your imagination.
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The pumpkin is no problem. Need help with the mouth movements. I should have paid more attention in music class. I was the one that got the F in class. I cant even tell you what the beat is,Thank god for the beat wizard. I would do fine if I had to sync lips to an old low dollar Japanese Godzilla movie. Ill have to get the mirror out and practice my vowels:? Hope nobody is watching, Ill be locked up.:(

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The way I do it is to use either the tapper wizard or the space bar to create the timing marks. The tapper wizard works if you know the song and can "sing along".

Once I have the timing marks then I decide mouth movements. I have a simple face and it only has 4 mouth positions; closed, 1/2 open. full open. and "O". Use of the O is straight forward, closed is for "M" sound, the other 2 are to create mouth movement with change in words.

If I have a sustained note I use shimmer to simulate vibrato.

If you have more complicated mouth movements I suggest you PM djrljr. I think I remember him posting "charts" that showed the different mouth positions for each sound.

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