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After 14 LOR hobby kits, several nights of 3-4 hours sleep and a only two or three soldering iron burns.... I AM FINISHED! Wooohoooo.

Only one problem, everytime I doze off I am transported to the world of Tron cruising my speeder along the resistor/triac circuitry. Road signs flashing past, R7 swoosh, Q0 swoosh, R8 zing, Q1 whoosh, R 9.

After a while, I decide to head inland to the strip mall of opto-triac isolators but no money to spend because I used it all on LOR boards so I contmeplate ending it all by driving into the unknown abyss of the transformer. So like an adrenaline seeking youth, I speed evercloser, playing chicken with myself because the transformer is not moving (owing to the superb soldering skills of the LOR board master).

At the last second, I make a hard right only to realize that I have become disoriented and I am heading straigt for the main power input.

But those of us old enough to remember know how well the Tron bikes turn on a dime. That's enough Adrenaline for today. I'm heading to the R20 to R27 resistor coast. Take a calm cruise north and bed down in the Red LED district.

OK, I have lost it. I need a break.

Thanks Dan, Mary and LOR co.


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Awesome. I thought about the light bikes a couple years back when Shania Twain had that video (was it Up!?).

Good job finishing up that many boards. I could see a solder joint count thread in your future.

Moving Target in NC

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