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“In the long run” experience wanted

Guy Dreger

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I bought some lights at walmart after Christmas when they were half price. I've used these LED Light strings before for standard Christmas lights type stuff. Yet in building my first complex display I killed 4 lights (killing 1/3 of a string when a light goes) just stapling the wire down. Since they were not replaceable bulbs I had to cut/splice the socket out of it. So, here is the questions
Is there a good Quality vs Price rule of thumb that's good to follow for such things?
What is a good type of led lights to use?
I'm thinking replaceable bulbs that are not in series but does that bring the price up too much?
Are there places to buy them in bulk at a good price?
What about brightness? Splicing? Cord length? Spacing? Are there good rules of thumb regarding these?
I know these seem like simple questions. Truthfully I think I could answer most of them myself and take a good guess at the rest but what I'm looking for is the wisdom that comes from experience. Being new at this I would like to avoid problems if I can.


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