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Sneak Peak - Boadicea workroom edit

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This is one of the songs (instrumental) I am incorporating into my 2011 Halloween Display.

Boadicea is also the end title theme music from the movie "Sleep Walkers" by Stephen King.

However this version is very different,(sounds close though), it was originally a Midi file that I enhanced with Bell tones to try and make it a bit more creepy, then converted to an MP3, now I'm not really sure if creating and adding the bell sounds really worked in making it sound a bit creepier or not. I'll let you decide that one.

This is also going to be for 48 channels. I created the midi using a midi keyboard and then recorded it to my computer, then converted it to an MP3, so if anyone wants this version of the Boadicea MP3 I have created you're welcome to it.

Now, this is NOT a finished project, nor does the music line up at the exact points where it should in this video, it is just to give a "sneak peek" at what I'm doing. However, I tried to get the music to line up as close to the mark as possible, but my video editor just doesn't have the ability to move the sound track in very minute increments, if it did, I could have line it up perfectly.

The finished project will be filmed in October 2011, when the decor is put outside, and set up for public viewing.

This was filmed in my "workroom", and is my set up for testing on how things will look before being committed to outside for display.

The Sneak Peek can be found here:


Remember: This is still a WORK IN PROGRESS!

NOTE: And no, the LED Sign/Clock is NOT connected to the LOR controllers, it just worked out that it seemd to change at the same instance the beat in the song did. Just a fluke and a coincidence, totally unintentional!

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khawes wrote:

Forget the clock, how did you get that tissue to move to the beat?

I like the bells by the way.

That's a trade secret. :P:D

Actually it was interesting that the breeze coming in through the window seemed to match up with the music and created the movement of the tissue, or maybe that box of tissue was just "haunted", maybe I should have gotten my EMF detector out and checked it for "spiritual activity"!:shock: :P:D

I guess Friday morning 4/1 was just strange that way...wonder if it being April Fool's Day had anything to do with that? LOL

I filmed it during the day with the windows open, so the ending where the lights slowly fade down with the music didn't show up as I'd have liked, couldn't really tell they were still fading down after a certain point.

I suppose I should've really filmed that in the evening hours after it was dark. My apartment just won't let me get it dark enough during the day.

I don't think I could get the clock or the tissue to match up like that again, probably a once in a lifetime kind of thing.
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SteveMaris wrote:

Good tune, great bells, scary tissue:shock:
Going to go pray now...:D

My wife keeps swearing the apartment is haunted!

I'm beginning to believe that is a viable possibility!

The other day the cabinets in our kitchen were opening and closing a wee bit too hard. I yell at my wife, Why the hell are you slamming the cabinet doors in the kitchen?

Got no answer, so I walk into the kitchen no one is there.

Now the kitchen is right next to the living room and I would have seen her leave the kitchen, the back sliding door latched, locked with the night bar and blinds closed, no one around!:shock:

Then my wife pops out of the bathroom where she had been taking a bath and I said, why the hell were you slamming the kitchen cabinet doors so hard earlier?

She says I've been in the bathroom taking a leisurely bath for the last hour, couldn't have been me. And itwasn't my cat either, he was asleep next to me on the sofa where I was watching TV.

Then the other night it happens again, and I knew my wife was at the store, I walk into the kitchen and I hear the cabinet doors being closed a bit hard, but they ARE CLOSED!

Then I watch the dish soap bottle on the sink start rocking back and forth! :shock:

By the time I pulled out my paranormal equipment all went quiet and settled down.:?

So maybe the ghost in here was playing with the tissues to mess with me, or it just happened to enjoy the song and wanted to keep time with it by flipping the tissue back and forth!:shock:

Maybe I need an exorcist?:cool: LOL

Now if the place is haunted, that wouldn't bother me, as long as the ghost would behave itself, and just not be making so much noise.

Now I'm wondering if that is why the last resident here left so quickly after renting the place?!!:shock: (last resident only stayed here about 3 weeks after renting the unit, and then skee-daddled outta here per my neighbors!)
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It's always funny until they start slamming things and making noise. Some things just can't be explained. :shock:
O.K. time for more praying...LOL

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your getting an early start... I just finished picking my songs for Halloween, haven't turnned on the LOR software this year at all. I figure I can start around june... we will see.

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Thejones wrote:

your getting an early start... I just finished picking my songs for Halloween, haven't turnned on the LOR software this year at all. I figure I can start around june... we will see.

I've actually been sequencing my Halloween 2011 display since December 2010. Already have 7 songs completed! Still working on quite a few more. I think I'll have a total of 20 songs, so still have 13 to go.

Although there may be a few more I'll toss in there. Just depends on how much of what I've got started gets done. The other 13 have bits and pieces done, all those are in various stages.

I work on one until I get tired of working (hearing) it, then go to another one and work on it for awhile. But I'll have 'em all ready for Halloween 2011. Also waiting on permission for one of the songs I want to use so I can make sure I can use it. Especially since the artist just lives a few miles from me and will actually be able to see his song utiilized in the display.

I'm tossing in some Wiccan music this year and that's the song I'm waiting for permission on. Song is called "Cool to Be a Witch 2.0" by Lord Alexian. Has a great beat and works well for the display element. I've been sequencing it, and hoping he gives his consent to use it!
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