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CLD Kevin

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I guess it's that time to get started. I will probably switch to 100% RGB (not all at once), and trying to figure out how to covert my current sequence to RGB without completely redoing them. In 2010 I was using 2.7.6, but I've upgraded to 2.9.4.

I used 3 colors for Halloween...Orange, Red and Blue. If I use the "Convert to RGB Channel" and pick the 3 channels I want, it change them perfect, but the Orange is now Green...which I expected. But can I highlight the entire Green row and convert it to Orange (100% red & 50% green) and keep the exact configuration? I will probably have to tweak a few things, but better than manually fixing the whole sequence.

I also want to mix it up and change colors in the sequence. Can I highlight cells in the RGB line and have it change to any color and keep the config (fades, twinkle, ect) or do I have to manually change it?

Snap Shot. Tree 1 is what it looks like after I used the Convert to RGB. Tree 2 is what I want, but I had to manually change it. I want to highlight the Green row and somehow have the it convert to Orange which would be 100% Red & 50% Orange...but leaving the current Red cells intact (I think called paste from foreground), so my Red color will remian. Is that possible?


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I don't think so. I've been playing around with that aspect of the software to see what I can do with it since I am thinking of getting a CCR some time in the future(or RGB Floods or the LOR CCB's that are coming). And from what I see, you will have to highlight each green section and convert it over manually one at a time in each channel.

if there is a way to do it automagically, I haven't found it.

Another item I'd like is to be able to take a channel, highlight it and change it to a different effect, like take a channel that you used the VU wizard or Beat wizard for(Tapper wizard allows for fades), but would still like to convert it because the tap is an ON, then a fade, so then I could convert that channel to all fades or just highlight one area of the channel and change it to all fades, twinkle, or shimmer. Now that would sure cut down on my having to go over each channel and do it manually every time, which is extremely time consuming to do this. Or at least have the option of what effect to use with these wizards instead of just On or OFF and then a fade.

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