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Light-O-Rama acquires SuperStar Sequence Editor Software


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In our ongoing effort to provide the best; Light-O-Rama is pleased to announce the acquisition of the SuperStar Sequence Editor software. The innovative, SuperStar Sequence Editor is the premier tool for development of sophisticated shows using Light-O-Rama’s Cosmic Color Ribbon. The SuperStar software is being integrated as a new wizard in the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor.

In addition, Light-O-Rama has partnered with the talented author of the SuperStar Sequence Editor, Brian Bruderer. Brian will continue to support and enhance SuperStar as part of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite. Although I am thrilled to have the SuperStar software I am even more excited by Brian’s continued involvement with the product. Brian has some great and exciting plans to extend SuperStar functionality to make sequencing easier for all users, not only those using Cosmic Color Devices.

To protect the investment made by existing SuperStar customers, their continued support was written into the Software Purchase Agreement. Brian insisted and I agreed whole heartedly that existing SuperStar customers will not lose any functionality nor incur any additional cost because of this agreement.

Of course only time will tell, but I believe that incorporation of SuperStar, a new visualizer, new communications options, optimizations for larger sequences, sequence shortcuts that help with large and small displays and a number of other items is making this year’s release of S3 an exciting one.

Additional information will be shared once it is available.

Thank You,
Dan Baldwin
President/CEO Light O Rama, Inc.

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