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I'm starting to hit the panic mode, as I had hoped to have more songs sequenced by now. Since I added another 32 channels, I've had to revise all of my sequences. I have 4 completed so far, I only have about 30 or so to go. This is my wish list of songs that I want to include in my "A Rockin' Christmas" show, doubtful I can get all of them completed. Some are at least started for 16 channels since that was what I was going to originally start with, but then I purchased 16 more channels, and a little later bought another 16 channels. 48 channels was probably a little ambitious for this year with that many songs.

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey (48 channels - Done)
Angels We Have Heard On High - Brian Setzer Orchestra
Auld Lang Syne - Unknown Artist
Carol Of The Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (48 channels - Almost Done)
Christmas Dance Mix - Unknown Artist
Christmas Medley - Jewel
Christmas On The Bayou - Michael McDonald
Christmas Song - U2 (48 channels - Done)
The March Of Kings - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Deck The Halls - SheDaisy (48 channels - Done)
Dig That Crazy Santa Claus - Brian Setzer Orchestra
Do You Hear What I Hear - Amy Grant
Feliz Navidad - Jaci Velasquez (48 Channels - Almost Done)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Mehdi
Having A Tropical Christmas - Jimmy Buffett
Hey Santa - Brian Setzer Orchestra
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard
Island Jingle Bells - Jimmy Buffett
Jingle Bell Rock - Brian Setzer Orchestra
Joy To The World - Mannheim Steamroller
Last Christmas - Wham
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - Chicago
Mele Kalikimaka - Jimmy Buffett
Merry Axemas - Brian Setzer Orchestra
Please Christmas Don't Be Late - Chipmunks
Queen Of The Winter Night - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Rocking Around The Christmas Tree - Brian Setzer Orchestra
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - All4One
Run Rudolph, Run - Bryan Adams
Santa Baby - Madonna
Santa Claus Comes Tonight - Elvis Presley
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - All4One
Thank God It's Christmas - Queen
The Christmas Song - Chicago
This Christmas - All4One
Wizards Of Winter - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (48 channels - Done)
We Five Kings - Jethro Tull
Winter Wonderland - Neil Diamond
You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch

If you want any of the sequences that I have completed or get completed, I will be more than happy to share any of them with you. I also have a very nice library of Christmas music that I could discreetly share. If you have any of these or others that I might could use, would you be willing to trade sequences?

If interested PM me!


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Your list has 39 songs. If you snapped your fingers and the work was done, at 3.5 minutes per song, you're talking about 2 hours and 16 minutes of original material.

You said that it was a "wish" list but I think you may be wishing for the moon. I've never done this before (synchronized Christmas lights) but my thought is that you probably don't want the same crowd sticking around for over two hours.

Again, I've never done this before, but my approach is to divide the hour into 2 halves and each half hour into 2 halves. Each half hour would start with 3 - 5 heavily-synchronized songs and finish with 3-5 lightly-synchronized songs. Two sets of these make up the full hour which repeats until the end of the evening. So, I'm looking at 6-10 of each type of song.

I think that the chances are pretty slim of someone sticking around for more than an hour and seeing that the songs repeat.

What's the difference between my definition of heavily-synchronized and lightly-synchronized songs?

For the heavily synchronized songs, I choose something with a lot of energy and a heavy beat. I spent a lot of time synchronizing TSO's "Christmas Canon Rock" very tightly to the music using Adobe Audacity which allows you to precisely determine the heavy beats. It's not Christmas music, but I did the same thing for "Dueling Banjos". It looks great but takes time. One of the things that I think made Carson's "Wizards "work so thrilling is that it was timed very well and he used 1/100 second precision.

My approach to the lightly-synchronized songs is to pick something that is closer to a ballad like TSO's "An Angel Returned" or Hillsong's "Star of Bethlehem". The songs here tend to have enjoyable music and the lights flow more like a waltz timed to the music. Someone here previously mentioned synchronizing lights like a waltz and I thought that was a very good description for some songs.

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I understand where you're coming from, my show is set up like a live stage show with a emcee/DJ introducing each song. The thinking behind it is that people will stay long enough to catch a song or two, knowing that they can come back at anytime and most likely see something different the next time. After every few songs the announcement is made suggesting that very thing. This way it keeps traffic moving and they don't get bored listening to the same 6-10 songs if they should decide to come back by. There was a Planet Christmas member who did this last year and it seemed to work out well. There are many philosophies about how to do a show, this is just the way I've chosen to do it.

As for the sequencing, I'll be working hard to get most of them revised for 48 channels, in hopes of doing the show as planned. The post was in hopes that I could speed my progress and help a few others along the way. There have been many posts from newbies that are having trouble with the sequencing, and I don't mind sharing what I've been able to complete.


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WOW that list is impressive, I used LROVIS for Halloween it was a 2 hour show, it worked great as I wasn't going to do anything for Halloween. It was only 16 channels but it still looked great and I had about 200 ghosts and Goblins stop by, nobody stayed for the whole show except me of course. I was out meeting them and answering questions about the lights.

In July I had almost 1 and a half hours for the show, it was great as well. and nope no one stayed ever for the whole show. except for the Block party we had, but I really think they were in it for the long haul for the Food and fireworks

This year I have over an an hours of show and I really doubt anyone will sit outside in their car for the whole show. I don't think the show can be too long or too complex.

I have some sequences that I would share, they are mostly about 60 to 100 channels and with very little work you could cut them down to 48 channels nicely I would think. If you would like to try it to see how much work it is give me a PM.

would you like to try Andy Williams It is a wonderful time of year?

when we all do a little we can do a lot.

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Thanks to all who replied or sent a PM, the response has been phenomenal. I've sent out many sequences and have received some as well. I think that's what this website is all about; friends & neighbors helping each other.

I posted two of my completed sequences on http:http://www.lorsequences.com and will be posting more as I complete them.

If you download any of my sequences I am open to critique or comment. It always helps to hear what others think about the work you've done. Your ideas and input really is appreciated.


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