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DC Board Rainbow Flood work in Hardware but not in Sequence


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Hey Everyone,

I have one that is probably going to make me go DUH, and feel dumb because it is so darn obvious...

I have a brand spanking new DC LOR board (ver 1.30 firmware) and a Rainbow Runner Flood. I have read all the documentation and search the forum and just can't figure this out.

The flood works perfect in the Hardware tool. Everything, Dims, shimmer, each channel at a time and all 3 channels. However, since I am new to the RGB thingie, I am not sure I have done everything correctly.

I have made the 3 channels as RGB in my sequence, but for some reason it will not activate the lights on the flood. The Animation plays in the animation window.

I have a 12 volt bench power supply going to the 1-8 channel side, set at 12 volts.

I have the Flood set on the #12 Unit Channels 1, 2, 3. It is set to the same when it finds it in the Hardware util. I have LOR set to "control lights" in the menu. The blue box showing a good connection with my network is lit when the editor is open.

I have restarted the editor, restarted the DC controller (power cycle) and still nada.

I am sure I have something not set right in the Sequence Editor. I did a full show last year without one hitch, it was perfect, hardware and software wise, but this has me stumped. Of course it could be that it is 1:30 am and the ol eyes are getting bbbbllluuuurrryyyyy.

Here is a screen shot of my settings in the editor:

If you need any other info, let me know and thanks for any "light" you can shed on this.

Attached files 237943=12979-Capture.JPG

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-klb- wrote:

What is your license level, and what ID is the controller?

That is the ticket, thanks.

I have 12 units, and this is numbered 12. I have the Standard License, and I need to upgrade to the Advanced that supports unlimited Units, since Standard only supports 8.

Thank you!
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