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Now that Christmas is over and I built my first successful LOR show (which I won a neighborhood award for) I want to exapnd it for this year.

I know that there are the sequences available for purchase on this site, but I was wondering if someone would be willing to either direct me to some more LOR sequences or develop some for me (with pay, of course).

As soon as the summer sale commences, I am purchasing another 16 channel controller for a total of 32 channels as well as a FM Transmitter. With these extra channels, I want to add a lighted "tree' that does some cool stuff, but I am no sequencer and I struggled with getting last year's show put together.

Any help would be appreciated. I can be reached at mustangman5l@gmail.com.



Summerville, SC

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concrats on the award.

As mentioned above, LORSequences.com is a great source.

There are many others too.


If you are going to pay somebody to do your sequencing, just remember that prices will vary from $$ to $$$, depending on the degree of detail, the number of channels, the length of the song and the person doing the programming.

If you are going to pay for programming, be sure to select one who's style you want to show in your display.

And if it were me, I would also ask for references and institute a system of deadlines.

As an observer, I have seen where programmers either bite off more than they can handle or suffer from some personal set back in their business that prohibits them from completing programming in a timely manner.

With that being the case, you may want to request your sequences be completed by October so that if there were a problem, you would have time to plan around it.

Some of the programmers require payment in advance, others do not.

And remember, you do get what you pay for.

Good luck.

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